The Doctor of Rock Certifies Meghan Trainor as Harmonically Fresh

From: Dan

To: Readers and Meghan Trainor

On an earlier post, when breaking down game film from Let It Go, I said: “I don’t know of other songs with … repeating phrases than end in Xm and X”. Let It Go looks like:

The [Em]snow glows white on the [Cadd9]mountain tonight
Not a [D]footprint to be [Am]seen
A [Em]kingdom of iso[Cadd9]lation, and it
[D]looks like I'm the [A]Queen

Turns out Meghan Trainor’s “No Good For You” does the same, arguably in a more interesting way:

I miss that [Em]happy friend that I had
[A]You've been acting so sad
Won't you come [D]back? yeah [Bm]yeah

You never [Em]take your time with your girls no more
[A]Always with your new boy
But he ain't all [D]that
But [B]you don't know yet

Also, just when you’re pretty sure nothing else is going to happen harmonically in this song, something happens around here:

I’m pretty sure I’d call it:

Cause he [Em]called me yesterday
And he [Edim7]asked me on a date
Tried to [D]play you like a fool
And that's [B]why I'm calling you

There’s definitely a Bb in the vocals there, so I’m calling it Edim7. Though admittedly whenever I’m holding a guitar I’m biased toward dim7’s, which are super-finger-fun, so it could also – maybe more sensibly given the rest of the song – be called A(#5). Let’s just call it Einteresting.

Anyways the point here is the Doctor of Rock is officially certifying Meghan Trainor as harmonically fresh. May she sleep easier now in her huge house.

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