Rock’s Best i-II Punch

…a rare chord enables the Doctor of Rock’s very mediocre pun.

I’m going to propose probably the best i ever in (in a song that’s in the key of I), and at least a very very very very good II (in a song that’s in the key of I), and therefore easily the best i-II punch ever.

See what I did there? i-II punch! Hah!

Here we go:

[F#m]And love lies [Bm]bleeding in my [E]hand
Oh it [F#m]kills me to think of [Bm]you with another [E]man
I was [F#m]playing rock and roll and you were [Bm]just a fan
But my [C#m]guitar couldn't hold you
So I [D]split the baaaa-a-ha-[Am]a-nd
[F#m]Love lies [E]bleeding in my [A]hands

That’s a fantastic i, no?

Now allow me a little build-up to the II…

Here’s the first verse:

The [A]roses in the window box
Have tilted [E]to one side
[A]Everything about this house
Was born to [Bm]grow and die

Oh it [A]doesn't seem a year ago to this very [Bm]day [D]
You said I'm [A]sorry honey
If I [E]don't change the pace
I [D]can't face another day [E] [F#m]

Nothing special there, just great fucking rock and roll. But here’s the second verse:

I [A]wonder if those changes
Have left a [E]scar on you
Like [C#m]all the burning [D]hoops of fire
That you and [Bm]I passed through [B7]

You're a [A]bluebird on a telegraph [C#m]line
I hope you're happy [Bm]now [D]
Well if the [A]wind of change come a'[E]down your way girl
You'll [D]make it back somehow [E] [F#m]

If that II happened in both verses, it would be a very very good II. Maybe even a very very very good II. But it just happens once! That’s SO AWESOME!

Therefore, I think I can assert without further proof that this is the best combination of i and II EVER (wrt a I-key song).

Fuck, listening to this song in headphones is blowing my mind. The bass is amazing, the piano is amazing, the guitar tone is amazing. This is a perfect rock recording. This is THE perfect rock recording. Seriously, even if you don’t care about bass, LISTEN TO THAT BASS.

2 thoughts on “Rock’s Best i-II Punch

  1. Danilo Castro

    I came across you guys just today and start loving your post immediatly! Now I have so much to read… but leave an useless idea for next posts… “Songs that started with ‘wind'”.

    And guys… Goodbye Yellow Brick Rock… wow… just a masterpiece.


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