Moving Units with Awesome Chords

…my favorite chords from some random TV commercials.

The iv in this song might be my favorite chord I’ve ever heard in a commercial…

[E] You got a side [A]that wants more space
[G#m7] 'Cause every day [A]starts like a race

[E]You got a side [A]that loves that style
But to [G#m7]fit in those shoes [A]gonna take a while

[E] Today life's got you running
[Am7] Tomorrow big things are coming

[Asus2]That's why [E]Nationwide is [A]on your [E]side

Go ahead, listen, then come back. Did you notice that I left out the second-best chord in the song? The first five times I listened, I missed it, but the last line is really…

[Asus2]That's why [E]Nationwide is [A]on [Am]your [E]side

That’s two iv’s in a short commercial!

In the “best chords in a commercial” world championships, this edges out the two VI’s in the Wingman commercial:

[Dsus2] This chick's rockin' your bro' on the dance floor...

[Dsus2]But she's towing an [G]anchor
[Dsus2]A junior inv[G]estment banker
[Bm]Who's talkin' 'bout her[A]self and not much [F#7]more, oh

[G] So buy her a beer,[D] it's the reason you're [A]here, mighty wingman
[Bm] You're takin' one[D] for the [A]team
So your [Bm]buddy can [A]live the [G]dream
[F#7] Wingman [G] [D]

In other news, commercials apparently still exist.

And in other other news, this Tori Kelly Nationwide commercial is different than the Tori Kelly Nationwide commercial I raved about up above:

[Emaj7] One day [Amaj7]your little guy's be[Emaj7]hind the [Amaj7]wheel
[Emaj7] It's ok[Amaj7]ay, your mom side will [Emaj7]find a way to [B6]deal

[Emaj7] You [Amaj7]built this business up [Emaj7]from the [Amaj7]ground
[Emaj7] Soon [Amaj7]your retired side will [Emaj7]pass it on [F#]down

[C#m7] Every [Amaj7]day brings something new
[C#m7] So much to look [Amaj7]forward to
[E]Nationwide is [A]on your [E]side

…and it has a pretty great II (“soon your retired side will pass it on dow-ow-own“), though I like the other one better.

I really want to hear an Am there on “look forward to”, but even though I try to hear iv’s everywhere, I can’t make it happen here. Dear Tori Kelly: please make that a iv.

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