Look Around This Bridge, Pretty Baby

…a one-hit wonder with a four-trick bridge.

IMO this is one of the best bridges of the ’90s…

It’s in F#, I’m writing in D, I have it as:

(end of the verse, for context)
Is there [D]something [D/F#]wrong and you
[Em7]Can't put your finger [G]on it
[D] Right [Em7]then [G]roll to [D]me

[D] [D/F#] [Em7] [D]

And I d[D7/A]on't think I have [Gm/Bb]ever seen
A[F#m7/A] soul so in desp[Em7/G]air
So [D/F#]if you want to ta[G6]lk the night through
G[Em7]uess who will be there [A] [A/G] [D/F#] [A/E]

If this bridge had any two of the following things, I would call it a great bridge; it has all four:

  1. Melody hitting it hard on the 7 of the chord (a C in the melody over a D chord on “I don’t think”)
  2. Super-fantastic iv (the Gm)
  3. Bass movement that’s simple but never lands on what I would call the root of the key (though I may be making up the /5 on the first chord in the bridge)
  4. Super-fantastic harmony… I can’t entirely parse it, but I think I hear a G on “I don’t think”, where the chord is D7 and the melody is on a C
  5. Hmmm… can I still call it a bridge if it happens twice? Well, it’s my blog and I’m calling it a bridge.

    Also what I think I’m hearing in the harmony there – over a D chord, with the melody on a C (the 7) and the harmony on a G (the sus4) – is highly reminiscent of the exact same harmony (C and G over a D chord) in Drive My Car, on “asked a girl”:

    [D]Asked a girl what she  [G]wanted to be
      (G and C in the vocals)    (G and B in the vocals)

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