Embedding Audio in WordPress with Sound Manager 2

This originally started as a test post, when I was trying to figure out a slick way to embed audio files in a WordPress post, with nice inline play controls. Sound Manager 2 is a great Flash/HTML5 hybrid audio player that just "does the right thing" depending on the visitor's browser, and offers lots of widgets for hosting audio files, so I settled on this as my player. I realized that others were also trying to figure out how to do this, so I'm cleaning up this post and leaving it up as a tutorial.

I'm going to show demos of the four "widgets" currently available as part of Sound Manager 2: the "360 UI", the "inline player", the "page player", and the "button player". The javascript and css files are hosted in a directory at my own Web page, and I'm pointing specifically to the "cross-domain" version of the swf file. You're free to use the URLs that I use in my demo, i.e. to link to the directory where I host the javascript, css, and swf files, but don't sue me if someday I move them. There's nothing magic about where I'm hosting them. Note that I have slightly customized the css for the individual players, i.e. the directory is not *exactly* just an unzipping of Sound Manager 2. But I haven't done anything special to make it work, other than unzipping the "cross-domain" version of the swf file.

So, game on, here are the four widgets:

The 360 player


The inline player


The page player


The button player

[mp3] Knockin' on Heaven's Door


I'm also linking off to a text file that contains exactly the content of my WordPress editor view, and an html file that does all of this in a standalone test page.

Happy playing!

2 thoughts on “Embedding Audio in WordPress with Sound Manager 2

  1. Dan Morris

    Sorry, I’m specifically looking at the scenario where I want them playing separately (for a blog where I write comments about audio clips). AFAIK this is the only behavior supported by the 360, inline, and button players. But I think if you start with the text I use and fiddle with the *page player* specifically, you can get the behavior you want. I’d ask what the best example is (forgetting about the blogger/blogspot aspect) at the SM2 forum:


    Sorry I don’t have a better answer. Good luck!



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